Writing Guide: Research Paper, MLA Format

Here you will find some basic guidelines on how to format your cover page for MLA research paper and the entire work. However, you should note that these recommendations may be somehow different from the requirements of your particular institution, so you should ask for a consultation with your supervisor before you start.
How to write a research paper (MLA)?

Students should know that correct formatting is as important as the coherent content of the research paper. We all have been there: you produce a great piece of writing, answer all the required questions, but fail to meet the formatting instructions. As a result, you get a lower mark and feel frustrated. To avoid this problem, get know more about MLA formatting for your research paper.

  • Margins

Leave 1-inch margins everywhere (right side, left side, bottom and top) on the pages of your paper. Every paragraph should have a half an inch space from the left edge.essaygobuy.com

  • Spacing

Traditionally, every MLA paper is double-spaced, however sometimes professors require students to make it single-spaced. The spacing is used for the whole text of your paper including notes, quotes, and the list of references.

  • Title and heading

If you are formatting your research paper in MLA style, you don’t need to include a separate title page. Type your name, your professor’s name, course number and name, and the date at the top of the first page, left margin. All the information should be typed separately in double-spacing. Then move to the center and include the title of your work (in case if your Essaygobuy.com title takes more than one line, use double-spacing as well).

Do not use underlining or bold letters for your title. Capitalize the first and the most principle words only. If your title sounds like a question, include a question mark in the end. In case if your title is in a foreign language or includes foreign words, it might be capitalized in accordance with different rules and students are recommended to ask for professor’s recommendations.

  • Page numbers

The numbering should be in the upper right-hand corner of every page. Your last name should be typed on every page before the number. Microsoft Word has a function of a “running head”, which automatically includes formatting details like page numbering. Use it for more convenience.

A page number should be a one-inch from the right edge. Include double space between the top of the text and the page number. Do not use the word “page” or abbreviation “p.” before the page numbers.

  • Figures and tables

Additional materials like images, photos, drawings, and charts should be marked as “Figures” and numbered properly. If you are going to include tables, label them as “Tables” and use Arabic numerals for the points.