Writing Biology Argumentative Research Paper

As a university student with Biologybeing my major, I had a lot of fun studying. I loved the lectures, labs, and field trips. However, the one thing I could not stand was paper writing. I do not know why it seemed so difficult to me. Every time I got an assignment that implied writing about my opinion and supportng it with arguments, my mood immediately deteriorated. I imagined sleepless nights spent in an attempt to write something that could look like a paper. But the worst thing was when I had to write not any paper, but an argumentative research paper. Without the help of my friend Julia, I would be unable to complete the task. She was the one to introduce me to a few tricks that have hugely helped me out. Now you are going to have a chance to get to know them as well.

Trick #1

A Title in a Biology paper has to be right to the point and without any irrelevant information.It shouldn’t be the one with a hook, because it is not an entertainment story, but it also cannot be very descriptive, because a reader will not be able to understand what it is about.

Trick #2

Do not make an Abstract too big. It should purely provide the information about a researcher’s background, methods you used and gained results. At the end of the Abstract, you need to write your big conclusion – the main result of your work.

Trick #3

As it is an argumentative research paper that you are writing, make sure you have at least three arguments. The first time you want to mention them is in your thesis statement, in the Introduction part.

Trick #4

In the Methods part, you need to describe an experiment or a process in the way that enables any researcher who reads your paper to repeat it. In case ofwell-knownprocesses, you do not have to write about them,simply provide references to their description.

Trick #5

When you write the Results part,do not analyze research data, only provide the outcomes. The analysis has to be done in the next part – Discussion. All you can do in the Results part is generalize the most important information you got from the experiment.

Trick #7

In Conclusion part, you need to remember to restate your thesis, summarize your main points and (pay attention here) give readers call to action. What should they do with the information you gave them? Do they need to stop eating some food? Or should they spend all their free time cycling? You need to give them some advice they will want to follow after reading your paper.