What Are Interesting Topics for a Biology Paper?

One of the most interesting areas of expertise to explore is the world of living beings. Apart from learning the theory, biology students conduct different kinds of laboratory experiments. To the majority of students writing a research paper sounds daunting. However, if the right topic is chosen, you can have a real blast!

What do you want to take into account while picking up the topic? First and foremost, your topic needs to be challenging and up-to-date. If you don’t want to sound boring, the topic should concern modern issues in Biology. So, you’d better conduct a primary research on the Internet and consult your professor.

What does a challenging topic mean? Initially it requires a lot of efforts, but inthe end it is totally worth them. It is always better to opt for some controversial issues “Genetically Altered Food”, “Gene Technology” or “Cloning”. Although these studies might seem a bit corny, you need to come up with your personal unique opinion to make the paper sound fresh and appealing. What is more, the literature you use to underpin your opinion should be relevant too.

Whether you like it or not, the topic you choose must correspond to your degree. The higher degree- the more profound the research should be. Taking into account the fact that Biology entails a broad area of research fields, you need to narrow down to a small micro-topic. Subtopics are proven to be less researched. Focused papers always bring better grades. And that’s a real sugar coat.


Here are some challenging and informativetopics for your research:

  • Pheromones and fluids. Atomic structure and influence.

This topic attracts the most brilliant minds who would like to discover the rules of attraction between people. You can explore the psychological aspect alongside with their molecular structure.

  • Chemistry of emotions.

What triggers sadness, joy, anger, or apathy? Studying biological side of emotions would help you to explore human brain processes. Besides, you will contribute to both – Biology and Psychology.

  • Overpopulation. A myth or a dismaying prospect?

What world will the humanity face in 100 years? How many species would still exist? Or will people just destroy themselves?   You can actually find tons of scientific and fictional articles about it.Still you may try to come up with your own unique research.

Remember that the time for research is not endless. So, get the show on the road!