Websites For Students


  1. You can sell your books at a price with the help of Half. If you are a writer who is too shy to present essays on public, you can turn to Half for help. They will edit your book according to the latest publishing standards and sell it for the best price, available on the market. You will be paid for each positive review on the book. The site is connected to eBay and operates under its guidance. Many writers are afraid of plagiarism since they post their books online, but we can assure you all is safe and sound with the website that has millions of fans in the U.S. If you are taking your first steps in the writing industry, this information may be just what you need to finish the prep.
  2. This is the cheapest essay writing service for students who take part in language competitions. The managerial team is just excellent, and they provide you with free reviews on request. You will be given a chance to choose the writer of your liking and maintain contact 24 hours a day. A dedicated team of professionals will make sure your essay is delivered on time. Prices are flexible and democratic, never burning holes in your pockets. They know what every student needs, and are more than happy to provide you with the premium quality service.
  3. This one is a real gem. It is full of motivational speeches to get you going. If you can’t make it to the TED talk yourself, you can watch some of the videos online. From the famous Bill Gates performance to culture talk, you are going to immerse in the world of scientists, poets and pop stars, and relate to them on a global level. If you need material on various subjects to start writing an essay, there is no better way of gaining information than visiting TED website. It features a customizable design and watch options for students across the nations.
  4. It is a perfect website to find word definitions, synonyms and antonyms. We don’t say that you have to be obsessed with it. The abundance of similar words in one sentence may cause confusion for the reader, but a dictionary can add spice to the earlier dull statement. Imagine you have jargon to find, or need informal language to finish your essay.
  5. It is probably the most obvious on the list, yet one of the most effective as well. It has the largest collection of how-to guides you will ever find. It also features the step lists, which are really effective while you are searching for information online. Some students say the guides are not always helpful, yet they are illustrated and have examples to match. If you are too tired of searching for life hacks, try WikiHow!