Taunton International Study Centre


Taunton International Study Centre is part of the famous Taunton School, which is one of the most prestigious British schools. At that time, as the school has passed 150 years, the center is still quite young – it opened in 1996. However, the techniques used to train TISC pupils from the highest level and worthy of its excellent reputation. It is noteworthy that TISC became the first center in the world, has received accreditation from the British Council.

The main objective of the center – to prepare children for further education in secondary schools in the UK. To this end, there is provided the availability of appropriate training programs. Training is extremely effective for the simple reason that in the center at the same time learn about sixty people, almost all of which is his mentor – who, in turn, personally monitors the academic performance of the ward.

TISC is built in a modern style, but it looks very cozy. Low housing made of red bricks interspersed with alleys where students can always walk the center, communicating with each other. In addition, the area is equipped with sports facilities, where children under the guidance of coaches and mentors will be able to keep yourself in good physical shape.

A special feature of this center can be called a research paper help. Besides music, art or cooking (that is, almost every British school, including, however, and TISC) there is a Cartoon Club, Club DJs on the radio (a local school radio, incidentally, also has – and always waiting for new employees) club Jewels.

Periodically, the children together with their teachers go beyond the school. Excursions organized TISC can be safely called the original, and certainly very interesting. Among others in this list, you can find a trip to the homeland of King Arthur – Glastonbury, safari in a historic Longleat and even strategic sea port of Plymouth.

A one-year GCSE course in TISC is an intensive course that allows students to take up to 7 exams two times faster than a normal school course, and at the same time, is the best preparation for studying at A-Levels at the British School.

Sports and extracurricular activities

TISC Students participate in all sports and cultural activities of the school. They take part in school competitions in chess, football, basketball, performing at national competitions. Students are always welcome at the school sports grounds, where they can work with the guys from Taunton School. Children happy to do yoga, tennis, fencing, aerobics, badminton, golf, rock climbing, martial arts, horse riding, swimming, basketball.

TISC offers its pupils the opportunity to be engaged in creative activities: attending music lessons, theater club or drawing a circle.

About the Author: Zackery Brins is a writer. He is interested in music.