Research – Fakeware and Scareware revealed

Fakeware is a kind of malware that pretends to be legit software but in fact it is a virus. Now we are going to outline some signs that will help you to detect fakeware and prevent you from making a huge mistake.


Banners of this software pop out of nowhere and tell you that your computer is under threat, so you should immediately install this software and it will magically fix all those threats. Such banners use a lot of red color, warning signs, blinks, and “shouting” caps in their design, trying to scare the user. However, actually this software is nothing but a threat itself. It is also called “scareware.” Please DO NOT believe these threats, do not get scared so easily, and do not click the download button.


The most popular example of Mac fakeware (scareware) is Mac Defender (aka Mac Security, Mac Protector, Mac Guard, or whatsoever). At the beginning of 2016, some scareware also lurked into the updated of Adobe Flash Player for the Mac OS X.

How to remove fakeware? Just look for a legitimate, trusted piece of software that will detect and remove such malware from your Mac. We recommend to use MalwareBytes Anty-Malware.


Is MacKeeper Fakeware?

Probably many of you have heard about a piece of software called MacKeeper. Its name sounds like Mac Defender or Mac Protector, and it also offers the antivirus functionality, so it is quite normal that many Mac users started to believe that MacKeeper is fake, too. Besides, some of MacKeeper ads and banners looked like scareware ads, and it scared off the potential customers. However, actually MacKeeper is a legitimate product, which has been reviewed by many trusted companies. You can read more about the case of MacKeeper here. So you can actually use MacKeeper to remove Mac Defender and similar malware.


More About MacKeeper

Let us clarify the situation a little and tell you what is MacKeeper. It is actually several apps that are united in one app. You should install some of them separately from the rest, such as Internet Security or Anti-Theft. Sometimes it is nice to have all Mac maintenance apps in one place. MacKeeper also offers premium customer support called Human Assistance. They not only answer all tech-related questions, but also assist in scanning the system for different problems and solving these problems in the form of live chat. And, by the way, this support consists of Apple Certified Professionals. Fake software would not go so far in their attempts to fool the users, so again it proves that MacKeeper is not fake. They even hired their own security researcher who discovered threats in their customer databases. You can read more about it here.

In addition to the security and human assistance features, MacKeeper offers the hard drive cleanup functionality. It can check your Mac for various types of junk files and then give the user an opportunity to send all of these files to the Trash with just one click. Of course you should check these files before the removal, to avoid losing some personal data. However, if you still make a mistake and remove something important, you can get these files back even if they were gone from the Trash, by using the Files Recovery feature of MacKeeper. You can also prevent future data losses by using the Backup tool, and hide your private files by using the Data Encryptor tool.