Pros and cons of digital era for education


Today, if we are talking about education system, it almost equals online technologies. Our perception of the world with a help of digital era has changed for last decades. And nowadays it’s always growing and developing.

Everything is changing. Now students prefer to use electronic books or online sources instead of big and heavy books. We don’t want to use books because we have electronic sources of knowledge. Of course, our lives become easier with the help of new technologies. Especially, it is important for those, who are always eager to learn. Also digital era gives us very comfortable boards for writing. These boards are good, because we can write with markers on them. The picture on this board is more understandable and clear. In addition, there is such concept like online platforms. It can be a web site or maybe some add. There teachers can left homework for students or send some additional tasks. Such options are the best for parents. Because they can see all the results of their children. Nowadays all libraries are almost empty. There is no need to go somewhere out and sit for hours searching for needed information. All you need is online.

We have a lot of possibilities thanks to Internet. If you need to find something in the Internet, for example best essay writing service, you just can google it. Everything will be found in a few seconds. It’s good that all information is available and free of charge.
Sometimes we face with a problem when information in the Internet is false. A lot of web pages provide a low quality content. Of course, Internet is a huge helping hand for students, but at the same time, we have to check information, even twice. Nowadays, we can’t imagine our life without getting information from the Internet. But the information can be unreliable and false. So, please, be very attentive.

Let’s not be so pessimistic, there are also advantages of digital era. And to my mind, these advantages make our life easier and better. For example, flexibility of the digital era allows students to get knowledge everywhere. You can study when you are in the café drinking coffee, while you are in the bus or just simply at home. There is no schedule, no classes on a specific period of time. All information is available online 24/7. Also it can improve your communication skills. Online teachers can be your friends and teachers at the same time.
About the Author: Andrew Roland is a professor. He studies economics in Chicago.