Easy Tips on How to Write a Report Essay

Some professors ask for a report essay rather than another type of articles. So students often become confused about how to write a report for university assignment. Also, in business sphere, people struggle to know what to write when they’re asked to submit the report to a senior manager.

This article aims to provide you with some advice about appropriate writing style, the language to use, content to include and other factors to help you write an excellent report essay.

First of all, let’s find out what report actually means? There are some differences between report and essay, although these two types are widely and sometimes interchangeably used in academia. A report is a short, concise document that focuses on facts while an essay concentrates on reasoning and arguments. Generally, the report analyzes a problem and makes some recommendations. This kind of paper demands to be well-structured and clearly organized.

How to Write a Report on a Research Paper

The primary goal of organizing a research paper is to help people read it selectively and precisely understand the central idea. So a correct research paper reports includes some permanent sections, submitted in the logical order. Furthermore, each section has to start on the new page. The most important parts of the research report are:

  • The executive summary or abstract. It’s a short and quick summary of the content. With a single paragraph, it should sum up the study and focus on the results.
  • It represents the thesis statement of your project and gives a brief summary of the problem with appropriate background information.
  • Methods and materials. This section is given to show all your procedures and activities so that others can reproduce some parts of your work. It’s not the instruction, but something like laboratory notebook that consists of details of everything you do in the lab.
  • Results and recommendations. Include not raw, but analyzed data into this section in the narrative form or figures and tables to present results effectively. In the recommendations give your data-based ideas about how the problem or situation could be improved.
  • Create a list of cited literature in alphabetical order. In your research report use only primary literature like original research articles and authoritative sources.

The organized structure of the research report is necessary to lead readers through your way of thinking. So it’s crucial to take a bit of time for planning and structuring beforehand. What about writing style, make your aim entirely clear, avoid jargon and plagiarism, and also consider your audience.

At the final stage of writing read your paper again and edit it appropriately for sense and style. Check out your data for relevance, pay particular attention to tenses, grammar, and spelling.