Can Become Our New Source of Sample Papers?

There are many websites where students can acquire some reference papers and use them for consultation needs. Some sites are decent, some are complete hack. But, aims to fly higher presenting a pay-to-download service of academic references and writing stencils.

Is a sample paper worth paying for? How it is different to all those bazillions of works available on the Web? The following review will try and shed some light on the issue.

This is where the samples are taken from

Basically, “taken from” is not the term to apply to A surprising truth is that the service receives reference papers from students (wow!) who’ve already submitted them and now looking to help others for a token fee, of course. In addition to, nearly 30% of all samples available are crafted using the resources of the agency itself (mainly by freelance writers), which is quite nonstandard for a field where samples are most often copy-pasted and re-written hundreds of times with no quality in mind.

Get reference papers in packages

To obtain a solid writing sample in front of the eyes, students are asked to opt to a package including from three to ten papers in a bulk. Getting one instance is also available by defaults. Although some works are issued free-of-charge, most of them have a price-tag.

Is it worth spending money on? There is no precise answer to give. Everyone decides for herself, as sometimes one can do just like that – with no sample required, and sometimes it’s the only way out.

Drawing the bottom line

Membership at Essay Database unlocks access to hundreds of references in 20 complex areas like Literature, Arts, etc. The search toolkit is also available to look a required paper up in seconds. Despite the website being a little bit outdated it’s quite convenient and intuitive. So, if you’re ready to pay a small sum for a writing stencil, it’s your best shot.